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Best Barber in Brooklyn

I remember my first haircut by my guy Dolor, it was a heavy blizzard outside but I needed a haircut for the following day. No barber shop was open except for his and regardless of the crazy storm outside he still gave me a haircut regardless of how last it was and how much snow had fallen. Since then he has been my barber. Dolor is one of the hardest working and extremely skilled barber I know. He pays very good attention to detail and His services is beyond professional and is always looking for new ways to improve his craft and services. His barber shop is very welcoming and comfortable everyone inside make you feel like family. Everytime I go to get a haircut it always feel like it for a special occasion. After a hair I always receive many compliments or questions where I get my hair cut? I have seen him cut many different styles of haircuts some really difficult to do but he always seem to exceed expectations. He is the only barber I trust. Anyone looking for a new barber I strongly recommend Dolor he is an exceptional barber! You will not be disappointed!
- Alix Antoine

Excellent service every time. Dolor consistently provides a professional experience, I'm constantly recommending to friends and family.
- _dmilord

Always professional and on time. I am always on the go so I am happy to have a barber that keeps a dependable schedule.
- Nathaniel J Ryan

Dolor is the man hands down. Exceptional customer service.
- Rodney K

The energy is always high; the vibe is real⚡️⚡️; the service is luxury like.
- JS


Dolor has exceptional customer service. His cuts are clean and pristine. He has an eye for detail which is why I’ve been going to him for the past 5 years. I’ve referred him to a couple friends of mines and he does not disappoint. I would definitely recommend his services.
- @chiefofthepack

Always a great experience

Dolor is extremely professional and always makes you feel welcomed and comfortable. I'm not into regular haircuts so I change it up every time and he gives me exactly what I ask! He's got my complete trust
- Hadriel Gonzalez

I couldn't wait for my cut . . .

Dolor hooked me up. Appreciate the excellent service.
- Phil